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Folded Roof

Folded roof is - one of the most reliable roof materials. Reliable folded lock, closed fasteners, absence of through slots excludes completely possibility of leakages. Folded roof remarkably enters into the architecture of the modern cities, so it can be used not only in the building of new homes, but also in the rebuilding of the existing ones. The angle of flexion of roof must not be below 25 degrees.

Folded roofs are installed under the technology of double standing seam. Connection of metal seam sheets is - aesthetic connection that provides leaktightness of roof. Ribs formed by seams provide direction of descent of snow, as well as provide additional rigidity to the roof.

The main advantages of seam roof:
The absence of connecting points and the reliability of sutures eliminate leakages.
Installation of this roof is almost silent, that allows working in densely populated areas.
Manufacturing of roofs of various configurations.
During installation is used mobile equipment, which allows performing of variety of work on the building place, as well as directly on the roof.
Does not require reinforcement rafter system, because it has low weight, it is a big plus in the rebuilding of roofs of old buildings.
Can be used for roofs with unlimited size and complex configuration.

Photos of folded roof

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