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Roof of cane

Cane, as a covering for roofs is used for more than one century. Flexible stems of this plant provide many opportunities for the design and shape of the roof.

This roof is marked by naturalness and relaxed style that gives us the right referring it to unique roof.

Continuously growing popularity of roof of cane is the result of its architectural features, very high technical characteristics and modern, reliable assembly.

Roof of cane is assembly on the prepared rafter system with crate (can be solid flooring and not solid) that must support the weight of the roof not less than 40 kg/m2. Cane is installed sheaf (tracts) and is bind by stainless steel wire. Installation is necessarily carried out by professional installers with special tools. Typically, roof of 200 m2 is installed during 2-3 weeks. With properly installation will serve You for more than 80 years.

Raw materials for the roof passes special processing, is assembly at certain time. The thickness of the roof is 30 sm. With the use of wire and special steel fasteners, sheaf of cane are attached to the roof system. When you are installing the roof be adhere the correct angle of flexion, usually it should not be less than 30 degrees.

Crease of these roofs can be executed in different materials, depending on the architectural and design solutions. The most commonly is used heather, metal, ceramics. Roof of cane is not suffer from rodents, as they are attracted by gaps where they pave the holes. It is so tightly fit that has no interest for rats and mice. Cane is too heavy but is fixed very solidly, so has no interest for birds because it is practically impossible to take out some stems.

Roof of cane is very resistant to bad weather conditions. It is not afraid of rain, snow, cold, wind and warm. It is resistant to changes in the temperature. It has a high resistance to moisture, rot, wet. With the proper angle flexion and professional installation, water and snow raining roll down, even in heavy rain the roof of cane does not get wet more than 5-6 sm. Wind dose not damage correctly installed roof, and it will keep for a long time their design appearance that will remain entire and unharmed.

Photos of the roof of cane

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