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Slate Roof

Slate - a natural material with no additives and impurities that can keep its properties during the whole term of exploitation. It has no analogs in the world, and is very durable. Roof, covered with slate, will stand for more than 100 years.

It has high frost-resistance, thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, withstands high snow loading. These indexes make slate one of the best material for roof.

Slate roof as of today is receives high popularity, it is very practical. It results no harm to the environment and human health.

With the help of layering, slate just pricked on the plates, which were used in the building of pluperfect times. Archaeologists refer date of the first use of the slate to the period of Rome governing. Global shale extraction in careers started in Germany in the 12-th century. In 100 years, when it became known for excellent quality of material, it began to be produced in France, Great Britain, and Ireland. In these countries with a cold wet climate slate was very suitable as a roof covering.

Slate worked enthusiasm to architects and builders, who covered by it strange roofs, to the present time are masterpieces of architecture. By natural slate are covered the Buckingham Palace, the Louvre, the residence of German Chancellor, Edinburgh Castle and other famous buildings. All plates are created manually by the technology elaborated by centuries: each plate broke off from block, and then it is profiled squared to the required size with a thickness from 4 to 6 mm and 12 mm. Weight of 1 sq.m. of installation is about - 25 kg. Double installation increases the weight to 50 kg. Slate has some color gamut: light gray, dark gray, green and dark red. Plates of this material cover roof of any configuration, also complex roof structures -flagons, towers of different shapes, pipes and other. Damaged plates can be replaced by new ones, extending the life of Your roof.
The service life of a slate roof depends on its base, which is made of wood (rafter part of the house). Is installed crate of laths with cross-section 40x50 mm. Laths are fastened to the rafters with nails. The distance between the rails may be different, depending on the length of slate plates and must be less than half of the length of plate. In areas where high winds crate is made as a solid floor of boards 25-28 mm thickness (necessary to create a solid floor determines roofer-installer). In this case, crate is covered by waterproof steam-fusion membrane (waterproof).

Installation is carried on crate; each plate is fixed b 2-4 nails. Number of fasteners depends on the tile size, method of installation and the angle of flexion of the roof. Installation of slate is started from the gutter where more massive plates are installed, to the crease of the roof width of plates decreases. Plates are installed with overlap of 60 - 90 mm, which increases during decrease of flexion of the roof, and under approaching to eave of the roof. Plates are installed so that water running down the roof, going to the center of the plate, and then flows down to middle. Thus, if one of the plates falls off, the roof will be closed by other plates, while the fall out plate is not replaced.

Photos of slate roof

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