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“Modern wooden houses” LLC

You have decided to build a country house and live in harmony with nature?

“Modern wooden houses” LLC produces and constructs quality wooden houses of profiled squared laminated log, profiled squared massive (carriage), round log, wild logs, frame wooden houses, fachwerk, HUF HAUS, sports halls, arenas, stables, wooden bridges of bent elements.

Unique for the Ukrainian market is our high-tech product - Supporting structural units – bent laminated logs (curved arched laminated logs)! The maximum length of logs is 24 meters. Our company is the sole producer of Ukraine in this field.

"Modern wooden houses" LLC builds high-quality products on its own high-tech woodworking factories, fitted up by equipment from leading European builders and can install on "turn-key", thereby ensuring quality on all stages of production and building.

Wooden house represents an aura of warmth and appeasement. “Modern wooden houses” LLC successfully combines the charm of patriarchal with welfares of civilization. Since ancient times, people selected wood for building, it is - reliability, availability and safety. Currently, humanity strives to bring near used and exploits by them materials and products to natural and ecologically clean in order to protect themselves from the effects of environmental and man-made chemicals.

Currently, no one is surprised by the unique properties of wooden houses. It preserves a balanced climate during the whole year, due to micropores wood "breathes". At the beginning of the third millennium, a wooden house in its traditional form is not less popular than in the days of ancient Russia, only technologies have changed.

High quality of building, “correct” environmentally clean materials, and modern building technologies, harmony of architectural forms and of the environment, an integrated approach, and complete responsibility for the result on all stages of building - these are the main principles of our company.

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