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Frame Houses

What is the frame house building technology? Let consider better. On the finished foundation is assembly wooden skeleton of the house of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal beams of different sections, depending on the size of the structure and the supposed load. Then, frame lined with OSB plate on 10-12 mm as the stiffener. Walls are filled with 100-150 mm heating material, mineral or basalt wool, which serves both as a heater and as a soundproof material. The next step is to line the film by vapor-isolating and water-proof tape of internal and external walls. The next step is the final wall lining by different materials: wood lining, wooden imitation of log (false log), a semicircular block-house, getting complete appearance of the wooden house. If you select the material wood (imitation of log, lining, block-house), in this case, after that when walls are lined, is necessary final polishing of material and antiseptic processing in 3 layers (one layer of colorless protective antiseptic, 2 others in color). After the covering of the roof, you can start other types of work: installation of windows and doors, moldings, flooring, etc.

The advantages of this type of building include the following:

• High speed of building;
• High seismic resistance of building (about 9 points)
• Comparatively cheap building
• Frame houses are considered the warmest
• Possibility to move in after assembly

Photo of frame houses

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