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Decking Terranson

Terranson is the largest manufacturer of wood-composite material from China. 

Production KDP Terranson focuses on the best quality for the lowest price. Despite the economy class, the company maintains a standard of high quality and natural appearance. The product is completely environmentally safe, and when heated does not produce toxic odor sharp contrariwise, high content of wood board component retains the fibrous structure of the material and prevents color fading exterior surfaces for an extended time and requires no additional protective coating. Decking Terranson not require special care and easy to maintain.

Color solutions company - toned to the natural wood. It have shades: Natural, Red-Brown and Coffe. Decking Terranson has two operating sides , ie both sides of the boards is a front face. At one side of the saw cut wood pattern, the other grooved surface, the hardness of the class - 2 of both surfaces. The successful combination of good quality and low prices have made the company's products Terranson attractive for the Ukrainian market.

Advantages of composite manufacturer obvious:
Easy installation, environmental, natural appearance, dimensional stability under the influence of adverse conditions, easy maintenance inherent in the more expensive composite material, on the one hand and on the other a competitive price.


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