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Decking Siberian larch

Decking from Siberian larch has the attractive price of all exotic species of wood available on the market. It is universal and suitable for all types of terraces and adjoining the house areas. They are successfully used in the floors of loggias and balconies, and outside pools. Siberian larch wood lends itself well to toning terraced oils and dyes and, if desired, it can be used in any design colors. In shipbuilding larch was considered as the best of materials for the stability of the ship's hull to rot, resulting in prolonged exposure to water.

One of the defining qualities of larch as an excellent material for the device terraces is its persistence in soil and water. Her long used as sleepers for railway installation, and its high resistance to compression and bending it possible to use a larch for supporting beams and bridge frameworks. Despite the fact that the timber larch perfectly processed, ground and polished, it is quite resistant to abrasion, as it belongs to the hard and heavy tree species. In nature, this tree can reach 50 meters or more in length and half a meter thick. Particularly hardy and firmly regard it heartwood part. Drying larch shall not be in too short period of time otherwise the wood will crack, and this generates a lot of pitches. However, this not so resinous wood.

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